Beginning Monday 10th January, 2022

Five Days To A Wonderful Connection

With Your Puppy!

Start building your training bond with your puppy now...and make your life easier in the long run!

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Has your puppy got some cheeky habits? Are they..

- Biting everything in sight?

- Seemingly impossible to train because they can't focus?

- Barking, chewing or hyper?

In this challenge you'll learn:

- Simple, fun training games that you can do right away with your pup!

- How to understand & reduce "naughty" behaviours in a force-free way

- How to teach your pup to WANT to listen to you

Let's tackle puppy training together!

Hi, I'm Holly, and at Paws Up Dogs we have three golden rules:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Fun
  • Get Great Training Results

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to training a puppy and so much conflicting advice can be confusing.

Together we'll focus on all the key skills needed to make a great start.

The 5 Day Puppy Training Challenge is the blueprint to start tackling all those puppy challenges and start shaping that amazing adult dog you've always dreamed of.

Inside the challenge there will be daily training videos and direct coaching from me in the live Q&As.

Together, we'll teach your pup to listen and focus, some great foundation skills needed to tackle those tricky puppy behaviours - but most of all how to bond & build an amazing connection together.

From frustration to fun!

ALSO, this Challenge has really cool daily prize draws and a super duper grand prize on Day Five!

" Thank you so much Holly - Chase and I had a blast! I can't believe we learnt so much in just 5 days" - Sarah and Chase


This training begins in...


Just so you know.....

- The Challenge Begins Monday 10th January, 2022!

- There will be daily training activities for you to do with your puppy

- I'll be supporting you daily in the challenge group, plus answering your puppy specific questions in the daily live calls

es! I'm Rea