The Relaxed Lead Walking Bundle!

Finally crack your dog's loose lead walking once and for all! Learn the keys to success so that you can ENJOY walks with your dog, without having your shoulder pulled out of it's socket at the same time!

Dog pulling on the lead?

The Secret to a Dog that Doesn't Pull Is Understanding 5 Simple Steps...

  • Allowing them to "be a dog" and meet their needs (it's their walk after all!) whilst knowing they will respond to you if you ask
  • Teaching your dog to enjoy being close
  • Teaching default calmness on a walk
  • Helping them to ignore distractions
  • Managing triggers alongside training

Fancy a little sneak peak? This is just ONE of our awesome Lead Walking training exercises!

Does your dog pull you forward, or zig-zag across the path, tripping you up?

Maybe they don't want to walk at all & hide when the lead comes out?

Or maybe they are just so excited they ignore you, eat everything they see or jump at passersby?

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Hi, I'm Holly

As a dog behaviourist, one of the number one questions that I'm asked is:

"How do I get my dog to walk nicely on lead?"

So If you've been struggling with this, please know you are definitely not alone.

The fact of the matter is that relaxed lead walking just doesn't come naturally to most dogs, it's a skill that needs to be taught.

We also want to be very careful that your dog has their needs met on their walk (sniffing and exploring) so we do not advocate for your dog to be glued to your side for the entire walk. Instead, it's about finding a happy balance.

Inside Loose Lead Walking Success, I run you though my exact method for beautiful lead walking, so you can start to really enjoy walks with your dog.

....but the most important thing is that the skills are taught with fun and games, so that your dog WANTS to walk nicely and finds it reinforcing to do so. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Loose Lead Walking Success, the programme provides you with my step by step proven method for beautiful lead walking. I also know that every dog is an individual and some questions might come up along the way. That's why your bundle ALSO includes FOUR WEEKS of personalised whatsapp support from me AND 2X personalised 15 minute digital training sessions

Please note, this course is not designed to help dogs who are fearful on a walk (barking or lunging towards other dogs, people, or other triggers in fear). The Private Bundle or The Membership Bundle would be better options for you. Please email if you need help to decide which is the best option for your dog

Step-by-step training guide

This is all set out inside your online portal. Demo training videos and guides

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to the course to go at your own pace and dip in and out as desired

4 weeks of week day support from Holly

Designed to give you a more personalised experience, you can message Monday- Friday via whatsapp and expect a response within 24 hours!


There are tonnes of great bonus resources to keep you on track with your training!

Training from the comfort of your own home

You have 24 hour access to online portal and training resources, so it really is at your pace.

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What some of our course alumni have to say:

“Loose Lead Walking Success really was a success for Luna. She's a big, strong dog and I really thought I'd tried everything to get her to walk nicely. Our bond is so much better now and she's focusing on me on our walks instead of everything else! Thank You!”  

Faye & Luna

“I can't believe the progress in such a short time. Rosie had pulled me for YEARS. Thank you!"

Mel and Rosie

Your investment is fully backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

I don’t want unhappy customers. If you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for just send a video of your dog playing one of the games from each module, showing how it’s not working for you and we’ll happily give you a full refund.

- Dr Holly Tett (A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK). Membership No: 01432. HCPC registered.

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