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How To Get Started Training Your Puppy

5 kind and simple steps for puppy training magic!

Thursday 8th July, 2021

If any of these sound familiar, then you're in the right place:

  • It can feel overwhelming worrying if you're "doing the training right" and not setting your pup up for bad behaviour in future
  • You find it hard to know where to start with your dog's training or what to focus on
  • You love your pup but some of their pesky behaviours are really frustrating. You’ve tried lots of different things that you’ve seen online but NOTHING IS WORKING
  • You’ve already made some headway with training but worry about how your pup will cope when the world starts getting back to "normal" and they have to spend more time on their own
  • Or maybe you've made a great start with your training but you want to learn more! How to progress, how to build on things and how to keep succeeding!

What we will learn in the training:

  • Common training mistakes to avoid
  • The key ingredients needed for successful & fun training
  • Where to start and how to plan your training schedule

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Sharing the Paws Up Dogs secrets to help get your pup's training off to an amazing start. All techniques are designed to really build your relationship with your dog, whilst getting training results.


I'm Holly, professional force-free dog trainer, psychologist and the host for this training!

As someone who has experienced both the joys and the frustrations of puppyhood I can't wait to share my training solutions with you during this session.

Together we will discuss the main pitfalls to avoid and how to set both you and your puppy up for training success and a life-long bond.

" It was so nice to have a clear plan all laid out after spending hours scrolling through articles online before!" - Katie M

"I was so excited to take this workshop because Holly is the best at explaining things from your pup's point of view! It makes training much easier and the workshop didn't disappoint!" - Fay and Lola The Cavapoo


This training begins in...


Handy Info.....

  • This training will take place via Zoom. When you register, details will be sent for Zoom sign in. The workshop is at 19:30 GMT (there will be a replay available for a short time)
  • I will be holding a LIVE Q&A at the end of the workshop: This is not a pre-recorded training so I am here for all and any questions!