The Focused Dog Bundle!

Learn how to work with your dog to strengthen your connection and understand each other better, so that your dog CHOOSES to focus on you when you ask them to!

Dog struggling to listen when there are distractions?

The Secret to a Dog that is able to listen to you is four key steps:

  • Allowing them to "be a dog" and meeting their physical, mental and emotional needs before asking for something in return
  • Understanding how the predatory sequence works and how to embrace it (without sacrificing squirrels!)
  • Understanding that building focus is a skill to be learnt, and how to support your dog with that!
  • Making your focus training fun, engaging and reflective of your dog's natural instincts and behaviours

Fancy a little sneak peak? This is just ONE of our awesome connection building training games!

Does your dog do great at listening in "training mode" but it doesn't translate to real life?

Maybe they are able to respond to you when it's quiet, but it's like you don't exist when there are distractions around?

Or maybe they are just get excited super quickly and it's hard to bring them back down?

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Hi, I'm Holly

As a dog behaviourist and human psychologist I know stressful it can be for BOTH sides of the lead when your dog isn't able to focus on you or listen to you.

The real key to feeling more confident that your dog can respond to you is by strengthening your connection

Play and quality time are definitely important, but we also want to think about tailoring your training exercises around meeting your dog's natural needs and desires, rather than trying to shut them down.

In real life this might like look incorporating chase games with you for example, rather than just stopping your dog from chasing that squirrel!

If you've been struggling to get your dog to listen to you, you're not alone. It's a real skill that needs to be honed over time as your bond together grows....and not something that comes naturally to lots of dogs!

Inside The Focused Dog Course, I take you through how I teach focus with my own dogs (and now thousands of my students too)

....but the most important thing is that the skills are taught with fun and games, so that your dog WANTS to work with you and finds it reinforcing to do so. It's a win-win for everyone!

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The Focused Dog programme provides you with my step by step proven method for building your connection with your dog and teaching them to learn to listen to you. I also know that every dog is an individual and some questions might come up along the way. That's why your bundle ALSO includes EIGHT WEEKS of personalised whatsapp support from me AND 2X personalised 15 minute digital training sessions

Step-by-step training guide

This is all set out inside your online portal. Demo training videos and guides

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to the course to go at your own pace and dip in and out as desired

8 weeks of week day support from Holly

Designed to give you a more personalised experience, you can message Monday- Friday via whatsapp and expect a response within 24 hours!

An additional workshop of your choice

Choose from our library of available workshops

Training from the comfort of your own home

You have 24 hour access to online portal and training resources, so it really is at your pace.

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What some of our course alumni have to say:

“This course has been phenomenal for Kia and I, thank you! I can't believe how much more she is listening to me...and the best bit is that I have learnt how to understand her better too! The whatsapp support was amazing too - thank you for calming me down so many times!"  

Sarah and Kia

“I'm so glad I took the plunge and did this course. Finances are tight so I was anxious to make sure I chose the right course for Orla and I and we weren't disappointed. I LOVED all the material on understanding prey drive and now I'm officially walking Orla off lead with a reliable recall! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Allie and Orla

Your investment is fully backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

I don’t want unhappy customers. If you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for just send a video of your dog playing one of the games from each module, showing how it’s not working for you and we’ll happily give you a full refund.

- Dr Holly Tett (A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK). Membership No: 01432. HCPC registered.

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